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How to build a cohesive Reference and Master Data Strategy

Developing and adhering to a Reference And Master Data Strategy helps organizations to move forward in their journey to become data-driven.

The need for reference and master data management (RMDM) is growing as business segments discover that they cannot fully realize the value of data without an RMDM strategy. However, teams who pay attention to technical or tactical actions frequently leave the approach too imprecise or outright neglect it.

Industry leaders Christiana Klingenberg, Heiner Oberkampf, and Malcolm Chisholm offer advice on the crucial choices required for an RMDM strategy and how data teams must balance options against one another in this webinar. Practical advice is given regarding the dos and don'ts of RMDM, emphasizing the delivery of business value.

We demonstrate how to increase reference and master data accessibility in a live demonstration without fundamentally altering current workflows.


A well-crafted RMD strategy is what leads to maximizing the ROI of any data initiative and enables further development. 


You can schedule a demo to learn more about your individual use cases and the benefits your corporation can realise through the simple implementation of Accurids:

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