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 With unique and persistent identifiers, you establish data   transparency through the entire data life-cycle -   across applications, organizations, and time. 

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Deploy a Distribution Hub for Reference and Master Data

As a data registry, ACCURIDS provides you the possibility to setup governance nodes wherever you like, so that terminologies and master data are well managed across the organization.

Foundational Key Components

To create a foundation for a scalable data-driven organization within a few months instead of years, 5 essential components must be deployed.

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Data Registry

Long-term stable and resolvable data object references decouple identification of data objects from their current location where they are managed. ACCURIDS Persistent Identifier Registry is built on existing standards in accordance with the first of the FAIR Data Principles.
This ensures all data created add value to your assets.


Lookup Service

For standardization, it is critical that any user in your organization is able to find the preferred terms or codes and to accurately understand their meaning and relationships. This allows data stewards to create high-quality annotations and encourages re-use instead of re-creation or terminologies.


Automated Matching

ACCURIDS allows you to match reference and master entities based on their metadata. We work on contextual mappings that make it possible to go for quantity and quality at the same time - providing huge advantages in automating your integration efforts.


Easy Governance

In a distributed environment it is key to efficiently govern assets in a flexible way. Our platform makes standards emerge and leads industry adoption.

Light-weight governance in ACCURIDS is the enabler that creates transparency with low overhead.


Sharing Platform

The data landscape is changing too fast for any single organization to keep pace. ACCURIDS allows sharing of any part of the registered assets with collaborators. You decide what should be visible to whom. Pre-curated assets from the open data community can be activated with 1-click.

Distribute Governance Responsibilities

The great power of ACCURIDS comes with its ability to align entirely independent governance nodes within your organization and also in the collaboration with external partners and customers.

Collaboration enabled through a shared understanding of the data

Manage Data-as-Products with Distributed Reference & Master Data
In the era of digitization, organizations need to embrace distributed approaches to collaboratively and effectively align vocabularies without a top-down standardization force.  Understanding data as a product enables faster innovation and new business paths. And since the business value is realized through data-driven or data-informed decision making, the accuracy, and quality of a data product is critical.
Read our concept paper with Malcolm Chisholm from DataMillenium, Christian Senger from Bayer Pharmaceuticals and Heiner Oberkampf from ACCURIDS.
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Why Accurids?

Reliable System

We build ACCURIDS in co-developed and close collaboration with customers to ensure that enterprise requirements are met.

Easy Integration

As a digital registry, the intent of ACCURIDS is to integrate with existing tools in the area of reference and master data as well as ontology management.

Intelligent Optimizations

We are curious to understand your needs and help you to reuse and link your existing reference and master data.

Intuitive Design

ACCURIDS is for anyone in your organization: for data stewards, business experts, data scientists, data owners, data engineers and process specialists.

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