FAIR Data Registry 

 Collaborative standards implementation 

What is the foundation of any data-driven organization?

An accurate and shared understanding of reference and master data objects!

This is how you register Every Thing

Data Registry

And therefore gain adherence to the FAIR data principles



All important reference and master data objects are registered with application-agnostic, long-term stable identifiers.



Duplicates from different sources are automatically detected and reviewed and approved by data stewards.



Clear roles and processes ensure that data references are of high quality and managed according to guidelines.



The adoption of reference and master data is increased through simple and transparent sharing mechanisms.

Advantages of using Accurids


Accelerate the adoption of reference and master data across your organization with reliable and long-lasting persistent identifiers that are easy to govern.

IDMP Ontology

Use IDMP and G-SRS Data built-in as a Service in 1-click

With our partners, we have developed an ontology for the ISO IDMP standard that helps to connect information on substances and other regulatory relevant information from different departments. 

Reference data overview

Create Data Transparency

With the overview of reference data, their interpretations, and mappings, you can deploy that knowledge in your data processing infrastructure - to understand the content flow live and automatically.

Tree view

The Fastest Tree View Exploration

Reference data can be quite large trees with millions of concepts. To navigate this structure effectively, we’ve created the fastest tree view and search on the market - you can try it out!


Intelligent Data Matching

Automatic Data Matching

ACCURIDS automatically detects data similarities and links and provides those to data stewards for review and then to users for an intuitive data search and exploration. 


Public data integration

A Wealth of Public Data Available

ACCURIDS has made it simple for you to create a well organised view of public reference data standards that help you in all external data communications to be more efficient. 

Quick Setup

Get Started in a Few Weeks

ACCURIDS runs as a cloud service, but you can also set it up in your own cloud environment. Our experts help you to realise a convincing business case for your management within a few weeks. 


An ROI of 16m$ for Shared Reference and Master Data in an Organization with 10k People!

Data Strategy implementation and data analytics success strongly depend on how effectively you manage reference and master data – because they have the biggest impact on interoperabiltiy and data quality. While the general importance is widely recognized, it is often a challenge to get senior stakeholder buy-in to make required investments. In a recent article, Malcolm Chisholm and Heiner Oberkampf describe the main business argumentation lines and calculate the ROI based on an example scenario - according to which an organization with 10 thousand people can save 16m$ annually!

Large companies use ACCURIDS on enterprise-level to share millions of reference and master data assets.

Accurids is Enterprise-Ready


Element 11-2

Single Sign-on
Microsoft Azure AD
Role-based Access


Element 11-2

Cluster Capability
Cloud & Docker
Lean Administration


Element 11-2

Data Privacy
Data Policies
Data Licensing


Element 11-2

SPARQL Connector

Industry Leaders Deploy Accurids to become a Player in the Data Ecosystem

The initial version of ACCURIDS was co-developed with leading pharmaceutical companies. Today, we have several customers from the top 20 life-science companies and we run pilots within agrochemical, retail, banking, and regulatory.

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