Creating a Shared Understanding for Every Thing

To capture the identity and understanding of Every Thing, we created ACCURIDS as a distributed registry for critical data objects that allows to reuse, link, and share Reference and Master Data across organizational boundaries.
Cross-organizational collaboration is increasing and requires a shared understanding of data. For any term or identifier used, the very simple question “What is this?” needs to be accurately answered.
This will create a shared understanding of data across organizations!


Meet the Team

Heiner Oberkampf

CEO and Co-Founder

Daniel Müller


Oleksandr Snizhko

Operations Lead

Daniel Plagge

Senior Software Engineer

Ali Ariff

Software Engineer

Sana Kanji

Software Engineer

Armin Meinel

Marketing Manager

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Our Code of Conduct



The Accurids Code of Conduct explains our values and how to bring them into practice. Our commitment to high ethical standards and clear principles help us hire great people, build great products, and attract loyal users. Respect for our users, for the opportunity, and for each other are foundational to our success, and are something we need to support every day.



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